Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a Party...

The Rabid Rabbit #11 release party and Original Art Show was amazing- Incredible! It was an good fun for all and I want to thank everyone who showed up and made it such a massive success. A very special thank you to Tom and Amy of Bergen Street Comics for making this possible! It was so crowded that if you barely see the show it will be up for the next month and if you didn't make it last night drop by and pick up the new issue and check out the amazing work on the walls

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Show Tonight

So last night we hung the Rabid Rabbit Show at Bergen Street comics and frankly it looks great- better than great GREATASTIC. The show is tonight at 8pm so if your on the eastern seaboard I expect to see you there because along too many other amazing pieces this one- the centerspread from Rabid Rabbit's Horror issue will be on display!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Red Fox and busy busy me

Well, I've not been posting as much as I'd like partially because I don't like to post without an image to go along with it. I have been super busy with preparing for the Rabid Rabbit #11 Release Party and Original Art Show and the very quickly upcoming MoCCA and Stumptown Festivals, both of which I will be attending. I will also be in the stumptown comic art exhibtion in which I'll update here with the details. This red fox comic is the first page to the second Supertalk anthology which will be released at Mocca.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rabid Rabbit Release Party and Original Art Show

Hold the presses and drop everything- If you have plans on the 27th of this month cancel them 'cause this is so much better. On the 27th of March of 2010- Rabid Rabbit will release it's 11th issue and cap that with an Original Art show at Bergen Street Comics at 8pm. It will be awesome.

This is the poster for the Show illustrated by Paul Hoppe and typedesign done by yours truly.

I'll see you all at the show.


Yikes. I've been on the busy side as of late. I've been storyboarding like a mad man, in fact I did the storyboards for this Stride Commercial. Contractually I have to wait a year before I can show the my storyboards, But it's always a little cool and dumbfounding to see what you had drawn brought to life. I dug these drawing these boards and if you watch the commercial then it'd come as no surprise I never thought this would ever actually be made into a commercial.

I did these boards last October- so check back here next October and I'll do a back and forth comparison