Sunday, February 22, 2015

Character Design and Development of Nero Noir

The process of developing and designing “Nero Noir” the anti-hero private investigator who’ll make his debut in Zombie Cat #2- which if all goes as planned will be ready for the MoCCA Festival 2015. 

This was a tough one for me, usually it just comes to me- a couple of sketches and good to go, but I knew this I wanted this character to be iconic, so he had to be just right.

Friday, February 20, 2015

LA Zinefest was Good Fun cue a Boxing Wiener

Ah LA. if I wasn't nearly freezing solid in Brooklyn I doubt I could remember your warm, palm lined, streets in which I sat endlessly in traffic with more fondness. I mean really, I can run five miles faster than I could drive there. That said.

LA Zinefest was excellent! I really had a great time and look forward to it next year. It was an awesomely diverse collection of self-publishers of every ilk and medium! Reminded me of the early days of the MoCCA Festival. Totally worth leaving freeeeeezing New York for a few days to exhibit and hangout!

Please enjoy a boxing wiener! why? cause I've drawn a lot of boxing animals but never a dog (still no boxing cat yet either) Someone asked why I didn't draw a boxing Boxer? "cause that's obvious" I responded indignant, masking that I didn't think of that really obvious decision