Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012 with an Octopus.

Twas an alright year but now it's about to be over. I thought it's best to send it out with an Octopus. Why an Octopus? why not an Octopus. So, goodbye 2012! we didn't all die, we re-elected a president (which, some view as the same as dying- they're just being a tad bit over dramatic), we witnessed some pretty tragic things from Connecticut to Sandy- hopefully we'll learn from those events and actually do better. Let's hope for that.

Up next. 2013 when I'll silkscreen that cephalopod.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Got into to TCAF!

You heard that right. I was selected to exhibit at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! From what I understand it is relatively difficult to get into and is supposed to be a fantastic festival so I am really excited to be able to exhibit!

I'm not going alone either. Two of my studio mates also got in. Aya Kakeda and Jen Tong- half of our studio will be exhibiting! cooler beans.

I'll be debuting all sorts of new stuff including my ongoing and ever-expanding tropes into silkscreen printing! The image was one of the last things I printed before the labs shut for the break.