Saturday, September 27, 2014

Silky Screening the KRAKEN!

Silkscreen MADNESS! or something like that as the March towards APE continues! 3 of the 4 colors are done! Just need to print the back and the cover! This is my second edition of this book- I’ve changed the colors up a bit and added a pattern to the back. This version will debut at APE

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

APE! San Francisco!

Print! draw! print! silkscreen! Prep! new stuff! old stuff! pack bags! Get ready! Going to the Alternative Press EXPO! California here I come with my studio mates Jen Tong, Tory Sica, and Kim Sielbeck! Joining us will be our old compadre and studio mate Sung Yoon Choi!

See you there! Above is another sketch of for an upcoming silkscreen poster

Thursday, September 11, 2014

SPX bound!

Once again! Time to load up my wagon with my humble comic book and wares and venture south to the cartooning utopia of Bethesda, Maryland. Ok, maybe not as romantic as that but I'll along with my studiomates Jen Tong and Tory Sica, along with a former studio mate Anuj Shrestha will be exhibiting at the Small Press Expo this year! We'll be there all weekend partaking in all sorts of poor decision making that happens after the festival every year!

Find me at table C2- come check out my stuff! The image above is a sketch for series of silkscreen prints I'm working on