Sunday, April 26, 2015


Freshly screen printed cover to my new comic that’ll debut at TCAF! Hand printed 250. Better get ‘em when they’re done cause I'm never doing that again. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

World War II book cover

Just finished this cover. It was a lot of fun to draw but digital painting it took more effort than I thought it would require. so much detail. I wonder why I do it to myself sometimes and then realize, no, I don't wonder. I just can't help it. Now onto the interiors!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Buzzfed MoCCA

My Risographed comic “fight! Fight! FIGHT!” was mentioned in a Buzzfeed article on MoCCA fest! “Full of over-the-top violence and audacious color, the action in this book comes out swinging and never stops!” Yep, that pretty much describes it perfectly. My studiomate Aya Kakeda also made the list!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Post-MoCCA Depression

It's such a rush to get ready for a festival! pencils drawing. Risographs duplicating (they're duplicators not copiers!), Staplers stapling... then when it's over and Monday morning rolls around and your friends from around the country head home or you head home in kicks the post-festival exhaustion- not really depression, but it made a punnier title.

MoCCA was a lot of fun this year! Once again my studio "Yacht Club" was there in force with not one or two, but four tables in a row. I was at one end of the table and my studiomate Jen Tong was at the other with rest in middle! We were so far a part I don't think we talked to each other more than once during the festival.

Thoughts on the new venue- by aesthetics alone the place was far better than the Armory. I was on the third floor and all the work around me looked great! That said I think the location probably hurt attendance. There was just no easy way to get there other than huffing it or springing for a cab. I also heard that the fourth floor exhibitors felt like they weren't getting as much traffic (that has whiffs of MoCCA's past). I wasn't a huge fan of the armory- but it was more democratic and it was easy to get to. I think the Society of Illustrators did a good job last year of bringing refinement to the festival and to tamp down that flea market feel that had plagued the show since had moved to the armory.

So, I liked this venue and I did very well but I'm not sure if it served all of its exhibitors equally or closer to equally.

The above image are pencils from my next comic "Kittens" which was inspired by the screenprint I did last year below- which was almost done for MoCCA but will most certainly be done for TCAF!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

MoCCA 2015!

I'll be exhibiting at the MoCCA festival so if you're in or near NYC swing on by check out one of the best indie comic festivals there is (it did suck for a while but it got better, much better) I'll be at table 349 along with my studio mates Aya Kakeda, Jen Tong, Anuj Shrestha, Kim Sielbeck, Joel Alter, and Jen Tong of Yacht Club (our new and final studio name).

I'll be selling comics! silkscreened books, prints, and textiles! Image above is the assembling of the my last Kraken silkscreened accordion book!

Come and check it out

Saturday and Sunday 11-6


548 W 22nd St
New York, NY 10011

Friday, April 3, 2015

Vikings are finished!

Well, at least I'm done with drawing them... for now. I really enjoyed illustrated this book. It played to all of the things I love drawing! non-fiction historical detail, swords and shields, combat,  and whiff of fantasy. Tolkien was heavily inspired by Norse mythology and legends when he created middle earth and in my research it shows (and hopefully in my drawing)

Now, got to prep for MoCCA!