Monday, June 22, 2009

SketchBook Mania

My sketchbook is a literal mess. I'm always envious when I see another person's sketchbook and it's a pristine collection of drawing fit to be housed at the Met. But then again, I'd miss the random styles and explorations that plague and sprout up in my sketchbooks. I guess if you were to dig up some of my old books, I was more precious with them, but today. The sketchbook is where ideas, frustrations and "gee, I wonder what happens when I draw..," happens. So, If you see my scribbling away in a cafe and ask to see my book- be prepared to see a mess with a few gems hidden inside. Here's some selected pages from my current book. You can almost see some consistency if you haven't seen any of my other work! So we have "kung-fu Money Cat" which, is a tribute to my growing obsession with Maneki Neko. Next we have "process page" that's literally how most of my comics start. Last, but not least- the Swiss-German Dr. Franky and his horrifyingly horrific creation of Franken Kat. oh- for anyone who cares (or doeasn't) I was born today 35 years ago. cheers