Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Open Studios!

I'll be participating in the Northside Open Studios events from Friday June 17th through the weekend until the 19th. I'll be there with Paul Hoppe and Aya Kakeda, who I share a studio with at the Fowler Art Collective and we'll be at the reception celebrating the launch of Northside Open Studios on Friday, June 17 from 7-11pm. It'll be open on the weekend too, but sadly I will not be there but Paul or Aya will be- so if you want to check out our space it'll be there during the day Sat. + Sun., June 18 + 19 from 12-6pm. They’ll be there sharing and selling their and as many Rabid Rabbits as they can!

There’ll be a ton of other artists there as well doing everything from video art to silk screens- come check it out!

They’re located in the awesome Greenpoint Terminal Building!

Fowler Arts Collective, 67 West Street, #216, Brooklyn, NY 11222

on top is page from my upcoming "fight! fight! FIGHT!" book