Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ol' Dip Pen Fun Times

I've never been great with a dip pen and nib, but like with everything that's related to what I do I like to be at the very least proficient with it as a tool- in the off chance someone will want something done only with that specific tool. That said, to maintain this I need to crank out a drawing or two every now and then. That's how this ugly creeper came to be. I used sepia and burnt umber inks with a Niko G model Manga Nib.  After discovering manga nibs, I can't imagine drawing with anything else. Western nibs are great for lettering- but I find that manga nibs are so much better for drawing.

I'll be doing a few more monsters so stay tuned and I will most likely water color them cause I haven't done than in a while either.